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Cut On The Action takes media projects from concept to completion, as well as offering á la carte services for any part of the process.  Our work includes commercials, independent movies, music videos, documentaries, and all kinds of business communication for organizations from Fortune 500 companies to the most agile of startups.  The size of our projects ranges from final running times of as short as 5 seconds to as long as 100 hours.   

Cut On The Action is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with production partners in LA, New York, San Diego and Kansas City.  


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Cut On The Action offers pre-production, production, and post-production services individually; we will also take on a project from start to finish, with all or almost all of the work being done in-house.  The efficiency of this integration means we can make challenging timeframes and budgets work.  We serve as force multipliers for corporate video departments as well.


Cut On The Action offers a full range of film and video production services.

Cut On The Action turnkeys film shoots of all sizes; we collaborate with other teams on shoots as well.  Our in-house equipment lineup includes a variety of 4K or higher resolution cameras and support gear, lighting and grip, microphones and sound, greenscreens and bluescreens, jib, dolly, gimbal, Steadicam and sliders.  

Because we usually do the post-production on what we film, including greenscreen and complex effects, we know what is important during filming and what corners can be cut if needed.  This helps us to be flexible with evolving situations and to focus on what’s most important: telling a compelling story.  

Cut On The Action also has an airmobile production package and films worldwide.

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Cut On The Action offers a full range of audio and visual post production services.

Cut On The Action began by riding an unprecedented wave of disruptive innovation in post-production and has been riding successive waves ever since.  In addition to editing and motion graphics, we do compositing and effects, color correction, 3D and 2D animation, sound design and mixing, music editing and composition, and release encoding, all in-house.  


Cut On Action offers a full range of pre-production services.

Cut On The Action offers a full range of pre-production services, from scriptwriting, budgeting and location scouting to casting.  We get to know the topic or product intimately so we can communicate fully and effectively to the viewer, and design the project to go smoothly through production and post-production.


Matthew Verkler, filmmaker and media producer.

Matthew Verkler

President & Chief Storyteller

Matthew’s career took off in his early twenties in Japan, where he made commercials for Japanese companies in the automotive, electronics, cosmetic and confectionery industries, as well as making TV show openers and special effects.  Upon returning to the US he chose the San Francisco Bay Area as his new base of operations, enjoying the diversity of people, cultures and clientele he found there.  At age 28 he founded Cut On The Action as a post-production house, but quickly expanded back into production as well and has enjoyed doing all parts of the media creation process ever since.  Matthew is active in the arts scene in the Bay Area, has decades of involvement in Eastern Europe and has a working fluency in the Japanese language.  

Marcus Verkler, filmmaker.

Marcus Verkler

Principal & Creative Director

Marcus showed an aptitude for art and storytelling from a very early age, becoming a prolific artist and an accomplished musician and photographer in grade school.  He also created several original comic strips.  While earning a B.S. in Marketing at San Diego State, Marcus interned at Pivotal, where he made corporate communications videos.  Later he interned at Cut On The Action, where he worked on film shoots, created animated characters and worked in post-production.  Upon graduating Marcus joined Cut On The Action full-time, where he works in production and post-production.  Marcus enjoys photography and DJ’ing, and has a working fluency in the Japanese language.    

Marcus Verkler, filmmaker.

Russell Hosking

Principal & Filmmaker

Russell is a San Francisco-based filmmaker, cinematographer and lighting director.  He began his career in the 90’s filming documentaries, commercials, music videos and feature films on 16mm and 35mm film.  Many of these projects were screened at the Sundance Film Festival during his 8 year involvement volunteering at the Egyptian theater.  Building a reputation for having an exceptional work ethic and creativity, he has spent the last 30 years traveling the globe, crafting his skills and evolving with the ever-changing technical landscape.  Russell brings this knowledge and passion to Cut On The Action, collaborating for the last 15 years while bringing a high level of craftsmanship to the production process.  Russ enjoys the vibrant car culture of the Bay Area and spirited drives in his vintage Porsche 911.  


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